Monday, July 18, 2011

Meatless Monday- YUMMY!

While doing the food overhaul in our home, we for sure have been taking part in Meatless Monday!!  When I first heard of Meatless Monday, it was probably a year ago on an episode of Ellen (one of my favorite daytime shows).  If every American went without meat and cheese just one day a week then it would be equal to "91 billion fewer miles driven each year".

So what does a family eat for Meatless Monday? While I still need to remove cheese from our menu on this day here are meatless things we ate today--

  • Breakfast
    • pancakes topped with peanut butter and applesauce, milk and orange juice
  • Lunch
    • For toddler
      • grilled cheese sandwich made one whole grain sourdough bread and Swiss cheese (less fat that other cheeses and more calcium), carrot sticks and banana
    • For Mommy
      • hummus with horseradish spread on organic whole grain sourdough bread, sliced avocado and fresh mozzarella (better for you that 'regularly' process mozzarella cheese).
  • Supper
    • Here's a yummy link to what I'm cooking right now. :)

Happy eating!!

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