Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornado Preparation

This past week we've all seen  tornado destruction all over the news and some have even been in it.  It's so devastating and heart wrenching!!  This past week our family was started by an tornado warning that happened late at night.  We were, sadly, very unprepared!  Thankfully, nothing became of it and we eventually were able to go back to bed.  In the past, when there was a tornado warning I've been able to just quickly grab what I need and scurry downstairs.  But now it's a lot more difficult to do anything quick when you have two small children. I was so frustrated with myself for not being more prepared! I decided it wouldn't happen again.  So when, a few days later, we were in another warning, I was prepared and I felt so much better about it.  What do you need to be prepared for a tornado?  Here is a list of things that I always take with me and a few things I hope to add to our emergency kit. It may seem like a long list but I can only imagine how grateful you would be that you have all those things if you ever have to use it!

1. Radio - weather radios are the best! Get a crank radio or battery radio with lots of extra batteries.
2. Flashlight - Either crank or battery with lots of extra batteries.
3. Glow Sticks - Don't use candles. Gas leaks could be present.
4. Copy of the contents of your wallet. Credit cards, medical ID cards, etc. In case your wallet doesn't make it, you have a record of everything in it.
5. Extra cash, credit card or traveler's checks.
6. Small power converter to turn vehicle power into AC household power.
7. Cell phone charger.
8. Extra car keys.
9. Empty medicine bottles so you have the prescription number to get filled.
10. Small can opener.
11. Extra shoes and socks in case you don't have time to put yours on.
12. Spare glasses. Better to have an old prescription than none.
13. List of emergency contacts.
14. Police whistle to sound for help.
15. Garbage bags with ties - personal sanitation.
16. Toilet paper and toiletries/hygiene products.
17. Complete change of clothing including long sleeves and long pants.
18. Food - bottled water, granola bars, energy bars, cheese and crackers, canned meat.

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