Monday, August 15, 2011

Meatless Monday- I heart quinoa!!

A few months ago, if you had said the word 'quinoa' (KEEN-wa), I would have thought you were speaking in a foreign language. But in our pursuit of a healthier eating choices, I came across this amazing grain!! Quinoa is very popular in South America, and for good reason!! Not only is it full of B vitamins, protein (yes some grains have protein in them!), and iron- to mention a few, it also is gluten-free! So if you're one of those increasing numbers of families going G-free, try putting some quinoa in your diet.  It's pretty much like cooking rice, and has a similar texture. While quinoa is a little more expensive than rice, it's cheaper than many other health foods.  The cheapest place I've found it is at Trader Joe's for $4.50/16oz and it doesn't take much to fill you up! Here are few recipes to get you started.

Mexican Quinoa

Quinoa salad with black beans

Meatless Burrito with Quinoa

Happy Meatless Monday to all!!

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