Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I'll Miss

As the days grow shorter, and the evenings are almost cooler. I think about how much I love autumn! It's the best season by far! It has all the best things in it! The colors, the smells, the food, the holidays and the football!! When I was a kid, school was what I lived for. I was good at it and that's where I thrived, so every summer was always too long and I've never grown out of that thinking. There really has never been anything I miss about summer. I'm a spring, autumn, winter gal; if I could cut out summer that would be great!

So here we are September is fast approaching and for the first time I'm finding something I'm going to miss of summer. I'm going to miss the summer sun for drying my cloth diapers!! It works so great! My diapers are almost stain free, they smell awesome and they're in great shape all because I've dried them in the sun all summer long. If you cloth diaper and you have never 'sunned' your diapers, you're missing out!! The sun is a natural deodorizer, disinfectant and it's a free dryer!! So when colder days and harsher weather are here. I'll be missing the summer sun for my diapers, but that is all!

(I should also mention that I will greatly miss the summer produce!)

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